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What is the Ultimate Duo?

This skin treatment combo pairs the best RF Microneedling product on the market - the VirtueRF - and an exclusive CO2 treatment, the CoolPeel.  The VirtueRF uses specially insulated needles that deliver high-intensity radio-frequency (RF) energy into the targeted tissue, which encourages collagen growth and tissue tightening. Where as the CoolPeel CO2 Laser is an advanced method of ablative laser skin resurfacing that targets the outermost layer of the skin without significant heat or downtime. This is a great alternative for those looking for less downtime compared to our other resurfacing treatments, such as the Halo laser or Tetra CO2 laser.

How does the Ultimate Duo work?

The Ultimate Duo stimulates collagen production at both the superficial and deep levels of the skin without any incremental downtime. The outcome of this treatment is impressive superficial skin resurfacing results and the immediate and continually improving results of deeper collagen stimulation.

Who is a good candidate for the Ultimate Duo?

This treatment targets the following:

 - Sun damage

 - Fine lines & wrinkles

 - Skin tone

 - Skin texture

 - Laxity 

What is the recovery time for the Ultimate Duo?

One of the main benefits of an Ultimate Duo treatment, is that there is minimal downtime. You should expect to be a little red and mildly swollen, as if you have a sunburn for a day or two, but nothing should prevent you from returning to your normal daily activities. Your skin may feel dry and scaly as it heals so it is important to keep the skin hydrated. Typically, your skin will be completely healed and glowing within 7 days. 

Our experienced providers at Total Skin would love to meet you. Please call

701-757-3376 (DERM) for a complimentary consultation for more information!

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