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What is CoolPeel?

CoolPeel CO2 is a brand new way to safely, and comfortably deliver the benefits of traditional CO2 resurfacing treatment. By targeting just the superficial layer of skin tissue, damaged skin is removed revealing younger and healthier-looking skin.

How Does CoolPeel Work?

CoolPeel delivers fractionated laser energy to create micro-injuries in the epidermis, which the body then repairs, replacing damaged cells with fresh new ones. CoolPeel is designed to provide tonal and textural improvements to your face with low downtime, resulting in skin renewal . 

Who Is A Good Candidate For A CoolPeel?

CoolPeel laser procedure is ideal for younger clients interested in "pre-juvenation" - treatments designed to prevent early signs of aging from becoming more noticeable. The procedure revitalizes and refreshes the skin's appearance without minimal downtime. 

Due to the minimal downtime needed and the gentleness of the treatment, it's also an ideal treatment for regular skin maintenance to keep your skin looking flawless. CoolPeel is a great add-on to most of our full face treatments, such as Diamond Glow Facials, HydraFacials, BBL, Laser Facial, or Microneedling. 

How Long Does A CoolPeel Take?

A CoolPeel treatment to the face is fast and easy - under 30 minutes. While there is no need for anesthesia or localized numbing, your provider may use a numbing cream for optimal comfort.

What Is The Recovery Time For CoolPeel?

One of the main benefits of a CoolPeel, is that there is minimal downtime. You should expect to be a little red, as if you have a sunburn for a day or two, but nothing should prevent you from returning to your normal daily activities. Your skin may feel dry and scaly as it heals so it is important to keep the skin hydrated. Typically, your skin will be completely healed and glowing within 7 days. 

Our experienced providers at Total Skin would love to meet you. Please call

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