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What is a Xtrac Excimer Laser?

XTRAC Lasers produce a highly effective, safe, and painless therapy by delivering a targeted, super-narrow UVB band to affected areas, resulting in effective and rapid improvement without the worry of harmful side effects of invasive, systemic agents. 


What skin conditions can the Xtrac Excimer Laser treat?

  • Psoriasis

  • Vitiligo


How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments needed varies from patient to patient, and your provider will personalize a treatment plan based on your needs and desired outcomes. However, you will see results after 8-10 treatments. 


For the Treatment of Psoriasis

Excimer Laser Therapy provides fast, effective relief for psoriasis sufferers. Xtrac is an FDA-cleared, clinically proven excimer laser which provides significant skin improvements with remissions lasting for months.

  • Safe, effective, and pain-free therapy targeting only the affected tissue

  • Significant improvement in as few as 6-10 treatments

  • Extended remission with some patients experience clearance for over a year

  • Effective in hard to treat areas such as feet, hands, and scalp

  • Treatments are done in minutes and do not require any cream or lotions

For the Treatment of Vitiligo

With treatment sessions lasting just a few minutes, the Xtrac can make all the difference. The Xtrac utilizes a specific wavelength of light that stimulates the repigmentation of the skin in patients with vitiligo. Clinical studies with the Xtrac have shown that, in some patients with vitiligo, repigmentation can begin within 6 to 12 treatments, and successful repigmentation can often be obtained in 30 treatments or less. The number of treatments needed can vary from person to person based on a variety of factors.