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Refx Nexus License File




' 'for different ' 'versions of Buildroot') try: # Sanity check self.assertEqual(buildroot.version, "2.16.x") # Check if the version in Buildroot is right self.assertEqual(buildroot.get_buildroot_version(), "2.16.1") # Check if the repo version matches Buildroot version self.assertEqual(buildroot.get_repo_version(), "2.16.1") except AssertionError: # Buildroot version doesn't match"Invalid buildroot version %s" % buildroot.version) def test_get_packages(self): """Test get_packages() function.""" for package in ["example/rt-thread", "arch-x86/rt-thread", "example/rt-device-tree", "arch-x86/rt-device-tree"]: repo_path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(self.sdb.repo), package) # Check with version number buildroot = Buildroot()





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Refx Nexus License File

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